Alberta Mycological Society Statement about Mushroom Identification Apps

The Alberta Mycological Society (AMS) does not support the use of mushroom identification apps that use artificial intelligence (Google Lens, Mushroom Identify, etc.). These apps are unable to determine key identification features such as spore print colour, habitat, colour changes, and odours, and thus, it is impossible for them

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AMS will help “Stop the Spike”

With our Government's announcement on May 4, 2021 appealing to Albertans to "Stop the Spike," and "to stay home, if you can" for the next three weeks, the Alberta Mycological Society will not be holding any forays in the month of May. Furthermore, just a quick reminder that outdoor social

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Great News for Alberta Provincial Parks!

We wish everyone a safe, warm and wonderful holiday! Hoping that 2021 will bring us back to a sense of normalcy and many great mushroom finds! Nature Alberta share wonderful news with us that no provincial parks in Alberta will be closed as previously indicated by our government! Check

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Parks Canada Wants Your Feedback!

The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society has posted a reminder that every two years, the Parks Canada Minister must collect and receive feedback from the public regarding the National Parks in Canada. Until October 30th, 2020, letters can be sent to Parks Canada or you can provide your input

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Fungal Conservation in Alberta Webinar

Fungal Conservation in Alberta Webinar SEPTEMBER 22, 2020, 7:00PM-9:00PM MST Fungi are vital components of all ecosystems on earth, performing important functions in nutrient cycling, assisting plant growth, and even plant communication. But what is being done to ensure that fungus species don't become extinct? This webinar

Fungal Conservation in Alberta Webinar2020-08-29T12:35:24-06:00


Hello all Alberta Mycological Society Members, GOOD NEWS! We have decided to merge our Great Alberta Mushroom Foray with our Weald weekend foray! Additional details to the Weald/GAMF event will be posted shortly. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. AMS Board of

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In The News

Our very own Christine Costello, Director-at-Large, sat down with Global News anchor Sarah Offin to talk all things foray. Watch the clip HERE.

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