The Alberta Mycological Society initiated several major projects in 2004, which are designed to bring attention to the diversity and roles of fungi in our ecosystems to the public. These projects are ongoing and are financially supported by the Alberta Mycological Society and grants from non-governmental organizations and provincial government departments.

FUNGAL DATABASE – What mushrooms grow in Alberta and where?

We have undertaken the consolidation of fungal databases in Alberta, combining lists from publications, museums, universities, government, and private collections. This unique and important project will assist the forest industry, government departments, and professional and amateur mycologists in the assessment of fungal biodiversity across Alberta. If you have any questions about this project, please Contact Us, and put “Database” in the subject line.  Also, please check the DATABASE itself.

We are currently in the process of finalizing the Common Names of the Fungi. When the list is complete it will be incorporated into the Database.  If you have any suggestions please Contact Us, and put “Database” in the subject line.

This project is partially funded by grants from the Alberta Conservation Association.