Great Alberta Mushroom Foray (GAMF)


The Alberta Mycological Society has held this special Foray annually since 2005. This Citizen Science event is extremely important to the environmental landscape in Alberta and beyond. Our objective is to determine exactly what fungi grown in Alberta, at a specific date, where, and in what concentration. This information adds valuable ecological value to other known factors affecting climate change and our environment. Each year, we change the venue to survey various sites across the province. Our event often attracts eminent mycologists from around the globe; these specialists are critical to identify the hundreds of fungi that our members will find while foraging in 12 or more specific sites over the weekend. Once collected, the mushrooms are categorized by groups, identified by mycologists, entered into our ever-increasing database, photographed, dehydrated and stored in our Alberta Fungarium for future study. Some species will be moved on for DNA sequencing, thus confirming the identification given at the Foray. Over the course of the weekend, our mycologists will also present fascinating fungal topics, as well as an “Introduction to Mushroom Identification” workshop. While we do charge a modest fee to our members to attend (and we do need these Citizen Scientists to collect the many mushrooms), our costs for this Foray always results in a financial deficit, making it crucial to obtain funding from grants, sales, and donations.