From Ryan:

To my understanding, this marked AMS’s inaugural expedition at Genesee NA. The location boasted picturesque landscapes adorned with sprawling trails, mature trees, and diverse ecosystems. Twenty-seven enthusiasts embarked on this quest in anticipation of discovering elusive morels. While fortune favoured a select few with sightings, others stumbled upon tardy verpa specimens.  Despite intermittent showers complicating the movement of vehicles around the grassy parking area, participants appeared to enjoy the experience overall.

From Karen:
The air at Genesse Natural Area was fresh, clean and cool.  Several participants were at the Natural  Area to forage for spring edibles.  It was encouraging to find Verpas and a few true morels but likely it was a touch too early.
Several Helvella lacunosa were found with their black caps and white stipes, found on rotting wood.  As well there were several LBM – little brown mushrooms found one of which may be the of the same genus as the fairy mushroom – the Marasius. As usual at this time of the year, several polypores were found – both last year’s and this years birch polypore – Fomitopsis betulina Microstoma protractum or scarlet elf cup showed itself here as well as several wood ears. A long row of luminescent Trametes (likely) were found – have a range of colour on a white base.  ( see photo of log)  but many polypores both from 2023 and 2024 were found.
Puffballs from 2023.
The sounds of many songbirds filled the air – most notably the ohCanada bird – the white-throated sparrow, robins and the song of woodpeckers…
The rain missed the entire time of the foray. Some members continued on to Constable Chelsey Robinson Park where 5-7 large black morels were found and 3-5 bright yellow morels were also found.  See the photo of a basket and a hand (mine) with a large black morel.

Date:  Sunday, May 26, 2024. 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Location: Genesee Natural Area

Foray Leader(s):  Ryan Armishaw, Ethan Zapach, Karen Slevinsky

Attendees: 27

Weather: Warm, light intermittent showers

Terrain: Trails, hills, ravines

Finds: Verpa bohemica (35) Morchella spp (3-5)