This Kananaskis area is in a ‘non conservation pass required’ zone. The area we foraged was south of the McLean Pond day use area and in the PLUZ zone. The weather was a mix of sun, cloudy, rainy, and gentle hail. The terrain is a fairly flat with a mix of pine, spruce and aspen. Soil temperatures were unfortunately still low at approximately 6°C – 8°C, and so still a bit too cold for morels.

Attendee numbers: 59

Date:  Saturday, May 25, 2024.  10:30 AM – 1:00 PM

Location: McLean Creek PLUZ area south of pond.

Foray Leader(s):  Christine Costello, Taylor Routledge

Attendees: 59

Weather: Cool around 10°C average with a mix of sun, cloud, rain and mild hail.

Terrain: Fairly flat with some hills. Mix of Pine, Spruce and Aspen.

Finds: Listed below are the names of specimens found – names may not necessarily reflect the most current scientific genus.

  1. Morchella spp. (only 5 found)
  2. Ganoderma applanatum
  3. Auriscalpium vulgare
  4. Trametes suaveolens
  5. Trametes hirsuta
  6. Trametes ochraea
  7. Phyllotopsis nidulans
  8. Tubaria furfuracea
  9. Psathyrella spp.
  10. Fomitopsis mounceae
  11. Fomitopsis ochracea
  12. Phellinus tremullae
  13. Tremella mesenterica
  14. Gymnopus dryophilus