Wild Mushroom Expo


Each year, the Alberta Mycological Society holds this public education event. We begin on Saturday AM, with several mushroom forays across the province – our members gather hundreds of fresh, wild mushrooms, wherever they can be found. The mushrooms are brought to the venue Saturday night or Sunday morning, where they are identified, labeled, and placed on tables for display (edible, poisonous, medicinal). During Sunday (10am-5pm), we hold several educational lectures on mushroom-related topics. As well, we hold our Wild Mushroom Cafe, where we serve mushroom-themed goodies. A local celebrity chef volunteers for a “cook and taste” session, demonstrating how best to cook edible mushrooms, and we will have vendors showcasing and selling mushroom-related items. The event is a “mushroom immersion” for public education. We enjoy a large contingent of enthusiastic member-volunteers to put on this show and to create a social media buzz. Please enjoy watching this 6:34 minute YouTube video, which showcases our 2023 Expo: EXPO video