The Alberta Mycological Society has developed an EDUCATIONAL POSTER” (pdf 251 k) about our provincial mushroom, Leccinum boreale, which we hope will become Alberta’s next official provincial emblem. We have also developed a BOOKMARK(pdf 27 k) that highlights this mushroom. This poster and bookmarks were developed with partial funding by grants from the Alberta Conservation Association and Alberta Community Development (Alberta Sport, Recreation, Parks and Wildlife Foundation).

In 2007, we published our first theme poster – SOME EDIBLE MUSHROOMS OF ALBERTA” (pdf 840 k). Since that time we have produced Medicinal Mushrooms of Alberta and Poisonous Mushrooms of Alberta.

We have created a Fungi Crossword for you to do! Learn some neat fungi facts here (click the link below).

AMS Fungi Crossword

AMS Fungi Cross (Answer Key)

The Alberta Mycological Society frequently uses the following books to identify fungi. Keep in mind, these books cover only a small portion of all fungi in their respective region. Hence, it is possible that you will find fungi that are not described in any of these books. That is the nature of mycology.

This is the book that we recommend most to our members, as many of the specimens shown are found in Alberta: Schalkwijk-Barendsen, H.M.E. 1991. Mushrooms of Western Canada. Lone Pine Publishing, Edmonton, AB, Canada. pp. 416. [Also published as: Mushrooms of Northwest North America.]. (available from AMS)

Arora, D. 1986. Mushrooms Demystified, 2nd Edition. Ten Speed Press, Berkeley, CA, U.S.A. pp. 959.

Barron, G. 1999. Mushrooms of Ontario and Eastern Canada. Lone Pine Publishing, Edmonton, AB, Canada. pp. 336. (available from AMS)

Bossenmaier, E.F. 1997. Mushrooms of the Boreal Forest. University Extension Press, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK, Canada. pp. 105. (available from AMS)

Boulet, B. 2003. Les Champignons des Arbres de L’Est de L’Amérique du Nord. Les Publications du Québec, Ste-Foy, QC, Canada. pp. 728.

Dähncke, R.M. 1993. 1200 Pilze in Farbfotos. AT Verlag, Stuttgart, Germany. pp. 1179.

Phillips, R. 1991. Mushrooms of North America. Little, Brown & Company Ltd., Toronto, ON, Canada. pp. 319.

Rogers, R. 2011. The Fungal Pharmacy – The Complete Guide to Medicinal Mushrooms and Lichens of North America”  North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, California 94712. (available from AMS)

“Key to Alberta Edible Mushrooms” (Note: Key should be used with “Mushrooms of Western Canada”. The key is designed to help narrow the field of possibilities. Should never be used without more detailed descriptions provided in field guides. Always confirm your choice with a good field guide)

“Key to North American Morels Michael J. Schulz, MSc, PBiol, EP”

Please use the utmost caution when considering whether or not to eat a fungus. If you do not absolutely know what you have picked, DO NOT EAT IT!!!! Always remember, eating fungi can be dangerous and the effects vary from person to person. If you have properly identified an edible mushroom, always eat a small portion first and keep some of the mushroom in your refrigerator in case your body reacts adversely to it. This eases the diagnosis in case of mushroom poisoning. Please report all mushroom poisonings to Contact Us. Happy shrooming to you all…


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