Become a Foray Host or a Foray Leader!


For first time and beginner Foray Hosts, the Alberta Mycological Society will provide guidance and a helper until Foray Hosts feel comfortable on their own.  Below is the list of the duties the Foray Host fulfills:

  • Plans the date, time, site, and meeting location.
  • Submits an online Foray Host Request (see Button below).
  • Receives and confirms foray participant registration with specified contact details.
    (refer to Foray Host Toolkit).
  • Check to make sure everyone is a paid AMS member.
    (which assures they will be covered under our insurance, and considered waiver agreement).
  • Maintains a participant list (signs participants in/out at the foray).
  • Provides group welcome/orientation at the foray (refer to Foray Host Toolkit).
  • With the help of a Foray Leader, record a list of the identified/suspected mushrooms.
  • Submit the simple online Foray Report form in a timely manner (refer to Foray Host Toolkit).
  • Contact the Foray Coordinator if you have any questions.
  • You can find all the forms by scrolling to the bottom of this page (past the Foray Leader description).

Foray Coordinators will need to provide an email that interested participants can RSVP to. If you’re comfortable hosting a foray or you’re already a Foray Host, and you would like to host a foray, fill out our very brief Foray Host Request Form here!

After a Foray Host Request Form is submitted, our Foray Coordinator will connect the Foray Host with a Foray Leader (if required), and help kick it off with communications to the Alberta Mycological Society membership that a great opportunity is coming their way! Be prepared to receive RSVP responses to your exciting foray as participants register!


Foray Leaders are AMS members in good standing who are reasonably knowledgeable about fungi. The Foray Leaders represent the AMS, and they are there to help attendees learn about mushrooms, how mushrooms can be found and identified, and help generate an appreciation of fungi.

  • Provide a small introduction to themselves and some information about the Alberta Mycological Society
  • Assist the Foray Host where needed as the Foray Host provides the Foray Orientation
  • Discuss if there were any permits required to foray in this location and what that entails (i.e. picking restrictions or potential trespassing)
  • Assist the Foray Host with attendee sign-in and signing waivers
  • Provide foray safety tips, including any access restrictions
  • Encourage foray etiquette
  • Teach attendees how to find mushrooms (where to look, what kind of mushrooms are likely to be seen in that environment or time of year)
  • Teach attendees how to pick mushrooms and what kind of information to collect to help identify the mushroom
  • When the attendees have reconvened at the meeting point, lead the discussion on identifying the collected mushrooms
  • Provide any noteworthy insight into the mushrooms gathered
  • Help the Foray Host ensure everyone has checked-out of the foray using the Check-In/Check-Out Form
  • Help the Foray Host record the names or suspected names of mushrooms identified