Mission, Vision, Values and Goals Statement 

The Alberta Mycological Society … spreading fungal knowledge…

Mission Statement: “The Alberta Mycological Society is dedicated to the responsible, sustainable, and ecologically sound study and appreciation of fungi in Alberta and western Canada, with a commitment to scientific and educational activities, conservation of biodiversity and natural habitats, and fostering fellowship through continuous learning.”

Vision Statement: “Our vision is to be a leading network in advancing the knowledge and conservation of fungi, fostering a deep appreciation for their ecological importance, and promoting responsible practices for the betterment of our environment and society.”


  1. Scientific Rigor: We uphold the highest standards of scientific inquiry, promoting evidence-based research and fostering a culture of curiosity and exploration.
  2. Environmental Stewardship: We are committed to the responsible stewardship of our natural environment, recognizing the critical role fungi play in ecosystem health and sustainability.
  3. Education and Outreach: We value the importance of education and outreach, striving to share knowledge and promote a deeper understanding of fungi among our members and the wider community.
  4. Conservation: We actively support the conservation of biodiversity and natural habitats, acknowledging the interconnectedness of all living organisms.
  5. Responsibility: We prioritize responsible practices in the collection, use, and consumption of mushrooms, ensuring safety and sustainability in all our interactions with fungi and nature.
  6. Collaboration: We believe in the power of collaboration and partnership, working together with like-minded individuals and organizations to achieve common goals.
  7. Continuous Learning: We embrace a culture of continuous learning, valuing fellowship and the exchange of ideas as essential components of our society.
  8. Diversity and Inclusivity: We celebrate diversity in all its forms and strive to create an accessible, inclusive and welcoming community for all individuals interested in mycology.  


  1. To continue to survey macrofungi across various locations in Alberta annually and to record these identified fungi in an ever-growing database; eventually identifying all macrofungi in Alberta with good knowledge of their distribution.
  2. To create and maintain a comprehensive collection of macrofungi within the Alberta Mycological Society Fungarium, facilitating further study and research by both our members and the broader scientific community.
  3. To provide ongoing opportunities for scientific exploration and educational engagement related to fungi, offering a platform for learning and discovery.
  4. To highlight the integral role of fungi in maintaining ecosystem health and support the conservation of biodiversity and protection of natural habitats. 
  5. To encourage and facilitate responsible, sustainable collection, and to promote safe preparation and consumption practices.
  6. To champion responsible environmental stewardship practices, ensuring that our actions align with ecological responsibility.
  7. To cultivate a sense of fellowship among our members through a shared passion for mycology and continuous learning opportunities.

You can download a copy of the Mission Statement by clicking on the link below.