Mushroom Forays

A Mushroom Foray is the exploration of an outdoor location to search for and identify the fungi growing in the area, in the spirit of helping people to learn about wild fungi. During our forays, we are committed to protecting natural areas and their biological integrity, so when we collect fungi, we do so in a way that does not harm the fungi or their habitats. Our forays are organized by our volunteer Foray Hosts and led by AMS-approved Foray Leaders, who provide guidance and valuable information to the attendees on how to look for mushrooms and how to identify them. Edible mushrooms can be brought home to prepare, cook and eat. The forays are open to members of the Alberta Mycological Society only and require advanced registration to attend.

Our forays are held throughout Alberta with specific regional coordinators in the Red Deer, Calgary and Edmonton areas. Federal Parks, Provincial Parks and Natural Conservancy Habitats all require permits to pick mushrooms, and our foray coordinator makes sure those permits are arranged and approved. Picking mushrooms on private land and private property require special permission from the property land owners, which are also organized and received in advance.

The AMS is passionate about learning and documenting mycological behaviour across Alberta. You can email our Foray Coordinator if you are interested in hosting a foray or would like to request the AMS to host a foray on your behalf. Please note that foray and foray host requests are only considered and accepted from registered AMS members. 

Keep an eye out for our emails and the Events calendar to see our upcoming scheduled forays!

So What Do I Bring to a Foray?

We recommend that you prepare for the foray. Wear long sleeves, long pants, a hat, and sturdy footwear. Bring a basket, mesh bag or paper bags for your mushrooms (avoid plastic bags). Most of all bring yourself with an open mind and the enthusiasm to learn about the great species in your region!

Please refer to our Foray Guidelines below for a list of other supplies that will come in handy!

Is Registration for a foray required?

Foray information (date, time, exact location) is normally sent a few days before the event. Sometimes the event is open to unlimited participants however, certain foray hosts and leaders may request pre-registration and/or limited participant numbers at a foray.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Foray Coordinator

Become a Foray Host or a Foray Leader!