The parking lot at Sherwood Park Natural Area was bursting at the seams with the 59 people participating in the foray. It was an enjoyable walk and the weather held up well. Participants returned with a few verpa, though only three were fortunate enough to discover a single morel each. It wasn’t as abundant as the previous Saturday’s haul near Tofield. One person stumbled upon an earth star from last year, and another spotted a gyromitra but opted not to disturb it. We had a few other curious mushroom finds that have not been identified yet.

The real excitement involved 5 foragers coming across a moose. They were too close for comfort and wisely did not get any closer. We’re happy to report that all parties, including the moose, left the scene amicably.

Date:  Thursday, May 23, 2024. 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Location: Sherwood Park Natural Area

Foray Leader(s):  Ryan Armishaw, Karen Slevinsky

Attendees: 59

Weather: Warm, no wind. Cooled off to about 9C at the end.

Terrain: Clean and wide walking trails throughout. Small hills and valleys. Occasional swampy areas.

Finds: Verpa bohemica (81), Morchella esculenta (2), Morchella Americana (1)

Listed below are the names of specimens found – names may not necessarily reflect the most current scientific genus

  1. Verpa bohemica
  2. Morchella esculenta
  3. Morchella americana
  4. Gyromitra esculenta
  5. Gasteromycetes
  6. Heliocybe sulcata