Urban Mushroom Video Series

Urban Mushrooms You don't always need to drive far out of town to find fascinating fungi. They're all over Edmonton, Calgary, and Red Deer, even the edible ones.Long time member of our Society, Martin Osis is putting together a video series about urban mushrooms. He's just released the second

Urban Mushroom Video Series2022-12-01T17:59:27-07:00

Fungal Conservation in Alberta Webinar

Fungal Conservation in Alberta Webinar SEPTEMBER 22, 2020, 7:00PM-9:00PM MST Fungi are vital components of all ecosystems on earth, performing important functions in nutrient cycling, assisting plant growth, and even plant communication. But what is being done to ensure that fungus species don't become extinct? This webinar

Fungal Conservation in Alberta Webinar2020-08-29T12:35:24-06:00

2019 Mushroom Expo – Event Report

On Sunday, August 19, 2018, the University Garden attracted more than 1500 visitors, many of whom also found their way to the Pine Pavillion where the AMS proudly showcased their annual Mushroom Expo. Some visitor comments included “Amazing”, “Delicious”, “Loved it”, ”We learned a lot”, “Thank you” and even,

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The University of Alberta’s New Mycologist!

The University of Alberta has a new mycologist on board. Welcome to Edmonton, Dr. Toby Spribille!

The University of Alberta’s New Mycologist!2018-12-13T13:47:07-07:00

How to make a spore print…

By: Catherine Jevic In this activity, you are going to collect the spores from your mushroom in a spore print. Making a spore print is a fun way to learn about how a mushroom propagates (spreads its spores), assist you in identifying the mushroom and a creative way to

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Foray in your neighbourhood

Mushrooms don't just grow an hour's drive outside of the city. You would be surprised what you can find in your yard, the local park, or a nearby ravine. So, what's growing in your neighbourhood? Get out there and check it out! “Foray in your Neighbourhood” is popular with

Foray in your neighbourhood2018-12-05T22:07:29-07:00
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