By: Ryan Armishaw

Please follow these guidelines in order to help us give you the most accurate information possible!

  1. Submit one mushroom ID request at a time. We don’t want to have any confusion about which mushroom we are discussing.
  2. Please include a spore colour. This is one of the most critical identification features of a gilled mushroom. Cut the stem off the cap and place it on a piece of paper and cover it with a bowl or lid of some kind. In three to four hours you will have a spore print.
  3. Always include a photo of the underside of the mushroom.
  4. Include a cut through the cap and down the stalk if possible. How the gills attach to the stem or stalk is a critical identification feature.
  5. Make sure you have included the base of the mushroom.
  6. Please note any unique smells and / or bruising or colour changes in the flesh.
  7. Where was the mushroom growing? i.e on a piece of wood, on the ground, in your lawn, what trees were nearby, etc

Always remember, use a high degree of caution when considering whether or not to eat a fungus. If you do not know with 100% certainty what you picked, do not eat it as it may cause you serious harm and the degree of dangerous effects may vary from person to person. If you have properly identified an edible mushroom, always eat a small portion first and keep some of the mushroom in your refrigerator in case your body reacts adversely to it. If you think you have been poisoned by these fascinating organisms, please go to your nearest medical emergency centre.