Mushrooms don’t just grow an hour’s drive outside of the city. You would be surprised what you can find in your yard, the local park, or a nearby ravine. So, what’s growing in your neighbourhood? Get out there and check it out!

“Foray in your Neighbourhood” is popular with those members keen to get outdoors, search for fungi and learn from others. Often long-time members attend and share their knowledge, but this is an opportunity to get together with others and learn to identify using your books. A few amateurs, who each know a few mushrooms, can add up to many fungi identified! Forays are being scheduled on many weekday evenings during summer. For new members this is an excellent opportunity to learn.

We challenge members across the province to choose sites for evening walks and get together. Let’s really work on reaching across the province as our name implies and truly become the ALBERTA Mycological Society!