Foray Guidelines & What To Bring

Foray Guidelines Please arrive at the specified time to receive the exact foray location, the plans for the day, and the return time. The Foray Leader will describe the area and let you know what time participants should return for mushroom identification. Listen carefully to this orientation. All participants

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What is a foray?

So you're interested in fungi? Great news! We are too. Which is why we host forays throughout the year. A foray is essentially an event where members can go out and scavenge for mushrooms. The AMS leads multiple forays throughout the year for our members (which is also one

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Foray in your neighbourhood

Mushrooms don't just grow an hour's drive outside of the city. You would be surprised what you can find in your yard, the local park, or a nearby ravine. So, what's growing in your neighbourhood? Get out there and check it out! “Foray in your Neighbourhood” is popular with

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Great Alberta Mushroom Foray 2018

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