Foray Guidelines & What To Bring

Alberta Mycological Society Foray Guidelines Please arrive at the specified time to receive the exact foray location, the plans

Foray Guidelines & What To Bring2018-12-05T22:35:27-07:00

What is a foray?

So you're interested in fungi? Great news! We are too. Which is why we host forays throughout the year.

What is a foray?2018-12-05T22:21:33-07:00

Foray in your neighbourhood

Mushrooms don't just grow an hour's drive outside of the city. You would be surprised what you can find

Foray in your neighbourhood2018-12-05T22:07:29-07:00

Great Alberta Mushroom Foray 2018

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Great Alberta Mushroom Foray 20182019-02-23T10:13:16-07:00


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