Edmonton Urban (Afternoon) Foray

Date:  Saturday, July 8,  2023 (1:30pm-4pm)

Location:  Whitemud Creek Ravine

Foray Leader(s):  Karen Slevinsky & Rosemarie O’Bertos

Attendees:  10

Found mushrooms:  About 0-20 different types of mushroom, which included: Coprinellus micaceus, Ganoderma applanatum, Lepista nuda, Peziza repanda, Pluteus pellitus, Agaricus arvensis, Russula xerampelina, Russula risigallina, Russula aeruginea, many young and old organgy bracket fungi, many dark brown bracket fungi, and a few other unknowns: notably a cluster of very powdery capped-rust coloured mushrooms found at the base of a tree.

Geography:  Dense woods but wide trails, Whitemud Creek

Area vegetation:  Mostly Aspen, some spruce, dogwood, saskatoons, pincherry and chokecherry bushes

Weather:  A hot hot day in July