Kananaskis Sibbald Area / Pine Woods Loop Foray

Date: Thursday, September 22, 2022  PM Foray

Location: Kananaskis Park / Sibbald Area / Pine Woods Loop

Foray Leader(s): Christine Costello and Barb Shworak

Attendees: 13

Weather: Hot, dry conditions

Terrain: Trails through poplar and conifer forest in the foothills

During this foray, only a few mushrooms were found due to the dry (lack of rain) conditions.
The following specimens were identified:
  • Leccinum sp. (scaber stalk)
  • Lactarius deliciosus group (saffron milk cap)
  • Lactarius torminosus (wooly milkcap)
  • Pluteus cervinus (deer mushroom)
  • Clavariadelphus truncatus (club coral)
  • Lycoperdon perlatum (common puffball)
  • Russula sp.