Castle Mountain Resort Area Foray

Date: Saturday, August 27, 2022.

Location: Southern part of Alberta west of Pincher Creek. This is a ski area in the winter surrounded by mountains.

Foray Leader(s): Christine Costello and Sean Campbell

Attendees: 9

Weather: Cloudy with light rain, cool temperatures

Terrain: Valley with some poplar and lots of conifers. Surrounded by Rocky Mountains

The area had been quite dry with some rainfall occurring during the past week. This was also the weekend of the ‘Huckleberry Festival’ so many people were there for this yearly event. Unfortunately, there had still not been enough moisture to bring up much in the way of mushrooms. However there was an abundance of Thimbleberries.

The following specimens were identified:
  • Chlorociboria aeruginascens (blue staining remnants only – Green elfcup)
  • Pluteus cervinus  (Deer mushroom)
  • Hydnum repandum (hedgehog – only 1 and misshapen)
  • Lots of Rubus parviflorus  (Thimbleberry – not a mushroom)
  • Cortinarius sp.