Dickson Dam ACA Site Forage 

Sunday, August 7, 2022  AM Foray

Foray was led by Barb Shworak, Christine Costello and Sean Campbell

Attendees: 13

Weather: Hot and sunny day. Precipitation has been low. Temperature around 25C

The area is approximately just over a one hour drive from Calgary Center and across the road from Glennifer Lake. Forested area with a mixture of poplar and conifer with some hilly areas. Lack of rainfall made for a low number of mushrooms.

The following specimens of note were found:  Cortinarius sp. (various), Royoporus badius (black footed polypore), Artomyces pixidatus (crow tipped coral), Hericium coralloides (coral tooth fungus), various Russula sp., Peziza repanda (cup fungus), Coprinopsis atramentaria (inky caps), Helvella lacunosa (elfin saddle), Fomitopsis pinicola (red belted conk).