FORAY REPORT for Poplar Creek Stewardship

Foray Host/Lead:    Mel Hohn/Lisa Oishi

Location:   Poplar Creek Natural Area

Date:   Saturday, Nov 7, 2021

Foray length:    5 hours

Attendance:     5 people


Mushroom species:       

Approximately 10-20 different mushrooms found

False Chanterelles, Mock Oysters, Witches’ Butter, Green-staining Elfcup, Fairy Brackets, Red-banded Polypore, White Cheese Polypore, Agaricus spp., Lepiota spp., birch polypore, common puffball


The Northside of the stream contains mixed woods, bordered on the north by land reserved for public access though unused. The area was quite old growth on the Southside of the river, again seemingly trafficked only by animals.

Beaver and moose/elk activity: Plenty of beaver cuttings near the creek. Tops of young trees broken by grazing ruminants.



Mostly frozen moss, club moss, aspens, black spruce



Brisk, 50