FORAY REPORT for NE Edmonton Ravine

Foray Host/Lead:    Mel Hohn/Lisa Oishi

Location:   Kennedale Ravine/Hermitage Park, Edmonton

Date:   Saturday, October 2, 2021

Foray length:    2.5 hours (plus 30 mins of identifying)

Attendance:     14 people


Mushroom species:       

Approximately 21 to 40 Mushrooms; about 10-20 different mushrooms found

Scutellinia scutellata, Polyporus brumalis, picipes badius, climacodon septentionale, tyromyces chioneus, apiosporina morbosa, coprinus atramentaria, melanoleuca cognata, collybia ingrata, arrhenia epichysium, crepidotus spp., marasmius spp., mycena spp., pelt lichen

Armillaria ostoyae (aka honey mushroom), Coprinellus micaceus, Fomes fomentarius, Ganoderma applanatum, Lycoperdon pyriforme, Peziza repanda, Pholiota squarrosa, Trichaptum biforme


The ravine contains mixed woods surrounding a wandering stream, opening into a small wetland and meadows with a few hills and ponds. The area has heavily trafficked trails, a dog park, and ample picnic tables.



Aspen, poplar, maple, high-cranberry bush, pines and spruces, goosberries/currants, moss, cow-parsnip, himalayan balsam.



Sunny with some cloud cover; high of 170

There were a lot of curious passersby (hopefully a few new members!) and we even found two new names scrawled on the attendance sheet when we returned from our foray.

A thank you extended to Irene Andersson who contributed photos of the large Shaggy Parasol, and Sarah Marsh contributed the excellent owl photo, closeup of inky caps, and 2 mossy polypore shots.