FORAY REPORT for Edmonton/Gold Bar Park

Foray Host/Lead:   Mel Hohn/Lisa Oishi

Location:   Gold Bar Park, Edmonton

Date:   Sunday, September 26, 2021

Foray length:    1.5 hours (followed by a half hour discussion about our finds)

Attendance:    19 people


Mushroom species:

Collected approximately 40 mushroom samples; about 10-15 different mushrooms found

Coprinopsis uligincola, pluteus leoninus, pluteus cervinus, amanita vaginata, picipes badius, chlorophyllum rhacodes, flammulina velutipes, tyromyces chioneus, pleurotus dryinus, hemipholiota populnea


Mixed woods, maintained & heavily trafficked trails throughout, meadows.
Pines, aspen, sasktoonberry bushes, cranberry-bush, manitoba maples.



Scattered rain earlier in the day followed by a warm, sunny afternoon.
Definite evidence of previous mushroom foraging! This is a popular spot for Honey hunters.