Foray Host/Lead:  Rob Arthur/Elizabeth Lakeman

Location:  Lac Ste. Anne, near Warwa Estates

Date:  Saturday, Aug 28, 2021

Foray length:   2 hours

Attendance:    9 people


Mushroom species:

Approximately 21 to 40 Mushrooms

Bjerkandera adusta, Fomes fomentarius, Fomitopsis betulina, Ganoderma applanatum, Pholiota squarrosa, Trichaptum biforme

Cortinarius alboviolaceus, pluteus pellitus, pluteus leoninus, coprinus lagopides, possibly hygrophorus piceace, lucopaxillus, hipsizygus or lyophllum- old, crepidotus, geastrum saccatucm – earth star, LBMs, lycogala epidendrum – Wolf’s Milk – which the children loved to squish to release blood like gel.

Terrain:    Some very large old poplar, trembling aspen, birch, few conifers leading into willows closer to the water. Alberta rose, beaked hazelnut


Additional comments: 

Mostly clear, little wind approx. 19-22 C

Despite the extreme heat and lack of precipitation we have seen this summer a hopeful group of 9 members of the Alberta Mycological Society were present for the Lac Ste Anne Foray (Aug. 28, 2021). A new trail was selected closer to the Lake in hope of some additional moisture from the recent rains. A quick sign in and safety talk was completed prior to heading to the trail. The trail was an old established duck hunting trail easily managed with a mixed combination poplar, spruce and birch trees. A scant few mushrooms and polypores were located however mostly past their prime but still eagerly prized. The group gathered at the Arthur’s cottage where Mushroom burgers were barbecued and enjoyed along with a post foray fungi identification and discussion. The id/discussion was greatly appreciated and helped the eager mushroom hunters sharpen their identification skills. Not an overly productive foray however a beautiful August day hiking near the healing waters of Lac Ste Anne was enjoyed by the group!