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2020 AGM and Lunch
President’s Dinner

Every year, the Alberta Mycological Society hosts its Annual General Meeting followed by a mushroom dinner for its members. This annual event is a great way for members to get together in an informal setting, listen to a guest speaker, and have a delicious mushroom meal. At this event, our Alberta Mycological Society President awards the President’s Award. This award goes to non-board members for their extraordinary contributions and effort on behalf of the society.

Tickets to the President’s Dinner are released a few weeks before the event.

This year, the Alberta Mycological Society welcomes Dr. Shannon Guichon as the honorary speaker for the 2020 AGM Lunch and President’s Dinner.

Dr. Guichon is a molecular mycologist, the manager of both the Below Ground Ecosystem Group and the Stable Isotope Facility at the University of British Columbia, and is a part-time sessional biology professor. She received a BSc from Trinity Western University, followed by an MSc in Botany and PhD in Forest Sciences from the University of British Columbia. Often working together with academia, industry and government, she serves as a collaborator for research projects that integrate molecular techniques to elucidate the role of mycorrhizal fungi in forest succession and ecological processes.

At our AGM lunch, Dr. Guichon will explain the ins and outs of being a mycorrhizal ecologist, while at our President’s Dinner, she will take you deep into forests, looking beyond trees and presenting on the fascinating mycorrhizal associations formed.