“Morels are the name of the game” by Michael Moar

It was a brisk May morning, the rising sun steaming the dew from the blackened hillside. A university student, a line cook and an ex executive Chef. We meet in a parking lot in Beacon Hill, one of the worst hit communities in the 2016 wildfire. we exchange introductions,

“Morels are the name of the game” by Michael Moar2019-02-17T15:40:02-07:00

“How I Became a ‘Mushroomer’”by Christine Costello

As a very young child, I remember foraging for summer mushrooms in the Quebec woods. My parents, having come from Poland after the war, would get together with friends and look for edible mushrooms. Then, they would have a communal cookout of their wild mushrooms, with lots of sausages and

“How I Became a ‘Mushroomer’”by Christine Costello2019-02-23T09:40:25-07:00

“Thankful”by Rosemarie O’Bertos

The 2013 NAMA foray in California was everything I had expected and more. Never had I ventured on a foray off Canadian soil and there was so much to see. Everything grew way bigger there. They had weird moss covered trees with huge sprawling branches that were totally foreign

“Thankful”by Rosemarie O’Bertos2019-02-17T15:12:56-07:00

“Jack’s Amanita” by Martin Osis

Wednesday night, September 1, 2010 I was invited out to do a walk and talk at George Pegg Gardens near Glenevis at Lac St. Anne. The Pegg garden was named after George Pegg a pioneer farmer and amateur botanist whose family homesteaded the land. The homestead lay in a

“Jack’s Amanita” by Martin Osis2019-02-17T14:59:17-07:00
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