Late Morel Foray

Date:          Sunday, May 28,  2023 (4.5hr duration)

Location:         Private Woodlot near Bretton, AB

Foray Leader(s):          Elizabeth Lakeman

Attendees: 7

Mushroom species:          Approximately 0 to 20 mushrooms, including – Fomes fomentarius, Fomitopsis betulina, Fomitopsis mounceae, Leccinum boreale, Phellinus tremulae, Trichaptum biforme, Coprinopsis nivea – Snow inkcap (first sighting), Chlorociboria aeruginascens, Pleurotus ostreatus, Collybia – possibly dryophilus, Entoloma sp?, Ononotus obliqus – chaga

Terrain:          Very dry conditions. Pieter led us to the lowest spots on his property looking for the most moisture. Looked on the edges of meadows, in fallen log filled wet lands, dense and open woods with fallen poplars. Checked all the land on the river banks and hillsides where the beavers have taken down the poplars.

Vegetation seen:          The woodlot has some very dense areas filled with mostly pine. Lots of spruce, poplar, birch as well as berry bushes – saskatoon, pin cherry, choke cherry and currant bushes. Lovely moss-covered areas in somewhat open woodlands.

Weather:          The day started out lovely with the temp around the low 20s. Right at the end of the afternoon foray a storm moved in with lightning, thunder and rain.

Additional comments:          It was interesting and exciting to find the Coprinopsis nivea – Snowy inkcap. The first one any of us had seen. It grows on dung. There were two large pieces of dung with the mushrooms growing out of them – dung appeared to come from a large black bear.