Porcupine Hills Foray

Date:  Saturday, May 27, 2023 (3 hours)

Location: Porcupine Hills Public Land Use Zone

Foray Leader(s):  Christine Costello, Sean Campbell, Ethan Wheeler

Attendees: 25

Weather: Mixed cloud and sun, temperatures 12-18 C

This is a hilly area  in SW Alberta with valleys and mixed poplar conifer forest. It is surrounded by a rolling and flat prairie landscape. This was a spring foray intended to try to find edible morels. In 2014, many Verpas and Morels were found in this area. Unfortunately, only 5 very large and somewhat older and drier Verpas were found. No morels were found. Early to mid May had seen unseasonably hot temperatures in the high 20’s. Also there had not been much rain. Mushrooms were few to be found due to the climate conditions.

The mushrooms and identifications can be found in the photos for this foray.