Edmonton River Valley Foray  

Monday, July 18, 2022 from 6:15PM – 8:15PM

Foray Leader: Rosemarie O’Bertos aka Mushroom Mama and past president of the AMS

Attendees: 19

Weather: 29 deg C, Sunny

Terrain: Hilly, Steep in the ravine, Dense woods, and well-maintained public trails

Vegetation: Primarily deciduous trees


This foray was a mycologist’s paradise – a dream come true! There were simply too many mushrooms to count and between 21 to 40 different types of mushrooms found by the wonderful attendees.

The mushrooms identified include:

  • Stinkhorn
  • Stinkhorn egg
  • Coprinus atamentaria
  • Amanita virosa
  • Russula grisea
  • A hairy oyster
  • Polyporus badius
  • Lactarius “looking” something?
  • Chlorophylum rhacodes
  • Cercopemyces crocodilinus (pretty good guess)
  • Amanita muscaria,
  • Fomes fomentarius
  • Ganoderma applanatum
  • Hericium coralloides
  • Leccinum boreale
  • Peziza repanda
  • Pholiota squarrosa

There were several more that we had no idea to even guess! A great group of people found such a diversity of mushrooms during this foray. They even spotted a baby owl (he was so cute)!

During this foray, everyone partnered up, so no one got lost, and everyone had a wonderful time. They all said they learned something… At the very least, everyone knows the black-footed polypore now; we found enough of them!