What: Spring Foray to McLean Creek (Kananaskis)

When did the foray occur: Sunday, May 29, 2022

Foray Length: 2 Forays each 2 hours

Attendance: 30-35 people per foray / total ~65 people

Mushroom Species Found:

Mainly morels or Morchella sp., a few very large Gyromitra montana and the odd Gyromitra esculenta. Some Peziza sp., and a very few LBM’s

Terrain: Sloped terrain covered with many downed logs and branches next to gravel road. Clear cut area with some indications of minor burn, possibly from 2020. Mostly cut aspen, poplars, spruce and pine.

Weather Conditions: Coolish, around 10° – 12° C. Snow had recently melted. No significant rain. Most mushrooms were in the lower section where moisture could accumulate.

Additional Comments:  This clear cut produced many morels in late May 2021. There was a good chance some would still come up this year. Indeed we did find enough for all to learn and bring a few home to try. Perhaps had we had more rain in the previous days, there would have been more.