What: City of Edmonton NE – Gold Bar Park

When did the foray occur: Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Foray Length: 2 hours

Attendance: 17 people

Foray Leader: Elizabeth Lakeman & Karen Slevinsky

Mushroom Species Found: Honey mushrooms, cortinarius, trichaptum biforme, hericium, russula, polyporus varius, ganoderma aplanatum, tyromyces caesius, one squashed agaricus, and possibly lyophyllum decastes

Foray Conditions: The terrain was varied, well treed, brush, hilly trails leading down to the river with lots of open grassy areas. The weather was warm and very dry.

Comments: Though the area was very dry, there were still a few mushrooms to be found. All had a good time and everyone came out with at least a few honey mushrooms. All participants followed the AMS COVID foray rules to ensure a safe foray. There was a fun time identifying our finds and a few books and posters were purchased in the twilight.