What: Water Valley Foray NW of the City of Calgary

When did the foray occur: September 12, 2020

Foray Length: 2.5 hours

Attendance: 22 people

Mushroom Species Found:

We were hoping to find lots of honey mushrooms, as per last year, however probably due to the continued lack of significant rainfall, pickings were slim. One member did find a nice amount of Hericium coralloides. As for honey mushrooms, only around 10 were found. Perhaps more time spent foraying to inspect more of the area would have been beneficial. Some of the mushrooms we found included:

Armillaria sp,  Bjerkandera adjusta,  Cortinarius sp,  Fomitopsis pinicola,  Fomitopsis ochracea,  Ganoderma applanatum,  Hericium coralloides,  Lactarius or Lactifluus sp,  Multifurca sp,  Mycena haematopus,  Mycena sp,  Phellinus tremulae,  Russula sp,  Trichaptum sp,  Tyromyces chioneus, Pholiota squarosa, Pluteus cervinus, and Ramaria sp.

Terrain: Mixed aspen conifer woodland with lots of deadfall. Fairly flat with a lower area on the east side.

Weather Conditions: Sunny with cloudy periods; temperature around 16’C.

Additional Comments: Much of the area was overgrown with grass and mossy areas were not abundant…probably an indication of the dry conditions.