What: Foray at Sherwood Park Natural Area

When did the foray occur: Saturday, August 15, 2020

Foray Length: 2 hours

Attendance: 15 people

Mushroom Species Found:  Because of the varied terrain the expectations were that we would find boletes, hericium and hedgehogs and we were not disappointed.  There was a great variety of fungi, including:

Bleeding agaricus, Earth stars (not open yet), Hericium, Russulas of many varieties, Ramaria/Clavaria, Elfin Saddle, Marasmius hematopus, Red belted conks, Red tops, Birch boletes, Fomes fomentarius, Ganoderma applanatum (artist conk), Black footed polypore, Scutellinia scutellata – red eyelash cup’, Hohenbuehelia petaloides, beautiful specimens of an immature and mature Amanita fulva, Large scalloped edged Phyllotopsis nidulans – stinky oyster – looking almost like Chicken of the woods, Volvariella speciosa – looking very much like Amanitas, Pholiota squarrosa, Coprinus atramentarius – inky cap, Tricholoma flavovirens (formerly equestre) – man on horseback, Inocybe sororia,Leucopaxillus sp., Paxillus involutus  – Poison Pax

Terrain: Varied Terrain: -gently-rolling upland terrain covered by mature poplar forests scattered  with white birch – remnant stands of matures white spruce, poplar and birch – permanently wet depressions with a few spruce and larch – areas donimated by willows and sedges

Weather Conditions: very mild, partly sunny, perfect weather for a treasure hunt in the bush!

Additional Comments: There were several members that were attending for the first time and they all mentioned what a great time they had.  For a foray held during COVID conditions, there was great compliance with the wearing of masks, use of hand sanitizer and wet wipes.  Thank you to everyone for following our guidelines!