What: Foray in Water Valley – Private Land

When did the foray occur: Sunday, August 9, 2020

Foray Length: 2 hours

Attendance: 20 people

Mushroom Species Found:  Most participants were able to find Hericium, enough to have a sample to bring home. Also found were Pholiota squarosa, Russula sp., Cortinarius sp., Lactarius deliciousus, Black footed polypore, Tramates sp., and a few LBM’s.

Terrain: Small grassy meadow bordered by 2 aspen woodlands on either side. A small stand of spruce was also growing on the edge of the north woodland. There was also a small creek running through the north woodland.

Weather Conditions: very mild, and sunny, perfect weather for a treasure hunt in the bush!

Additional Comments: There were several members that were attending for the first time.  Excellent compliance with the wearing of masks, use of hand sanitizer and wet wipes.  Thank you to everyone for following our guidelines!