What: Water Valley Foray NW of the City of Calgary

When did the foray occur: Sept. 1, 2019

Foray Length: 3 hours

Attendance: 22 people

Mushroom Species Found:

Many edibles in large numbers including:

  • Orange Lactarius
  • Leccinum sp.
  • many Yellow Russula
  • Hericium coralloides
  • Hydnum repandum
  • Hydnum umbilicatum
  • Clavariadelphus truncatus
  • Gomphus clavatus
  • Lycoperdon pyriforme
  • Pleurotus sp.
  • Flammulina velutipes
  • Suillus sp.
  • Tricholoma equestre

Many LBM’s and various non-edibles including:

  • Lactarius rufus
  • Cortinarius sp.
  • Clitocybe sp.
  • Lentinellus sp.
  • Helvella sp.
  • Leucopaxillus sp.
  • Lepiota sp.
  • Peziza sp.
  • numerous polypores

Terrain: Mixed aspen conifer woodland with lots of deadfall. Fairly flat with a few lower areas.

Weather Conditions: Foggy and damp after a few days of rainfall. Cloudy and around 14’C.

Additional Comments: Approximately 8 new members had an interpretive and educational 2 hour walk with Christine Costello and Barb Shworak followed by a discussion of what was found.