Not getting email from us?  Missing out on foray info/event details?  Here are some tips that should help.

Spam Folder

For some reason, our emails are sometimes getting flagged as spam.  Please check your junk mail folder, and see if our messages have arrived there. If they have, you just need to add us as a “Safe Sender”. The process is different for each email provider, so I can’t include the steps here.  If you can’t sort it out, please Contact Us, and the webmaster will email you directions.

Gmail Tabs

If you use Gmail, our email may be getting sidetracked into the Promotions tab. MailChimp has a webpage that explains how to change those settings.

Email Filters

This is less likely, but it is possible.  If you use filters to automatically sort your email, you may have inadvertently set things up so that your AMS email goes to a specific folder.