Date:  Wednesday, July 3, 2024.  18:30-20:30 hr.

Location: Kananaskis Sibbald Jumpingpound Demonstration PLUZ.

Foray Leader(s):  Christine Costello, Taylor, Routledge, Barb Shworak

Attendees: 27

Weather: The weather was pleasant and sunny with temperatures around 18-20°C.

Terrain: Mostly flat with a mix of spruce, pine, poplar and aspen.

The Calgary region had received a fair amount of rain. Conditions in the woods were reasonably moist. July 3 is still in the shoulder season for spring and summer mushrooms.

Special mention: Many thanks to Taylor Routledge for his taxonomic skills. Also thanks to Barb Shworak for her mushroom ID skills.

Finds: Listed below are the names of specimens found. The best edible finds were oyster mushrooms, crown tipped corals, and a very few Leccinum and Agaricus mushrooms.

  1. Agaricus spp – Button type

  2. Apioperdon pyriforme – Stump puff ball

  3. Artomyces pyxidatus – Crown tipped coral

  4. Cortinarius -Web Cap

  5. Dacrymyces chrysospermus – Orange jelly spot

  6. Fomitopsis mounceae – Red belted conk

  7. Gloeophyllum sepiarium – Rusty gilled polypore

  8. Gomphidius subroseus – Rosey slime spike

  9. Gymnopus androsaceus – Horse hair fungus

  10. Gymnopus dryophilus

  11. Heliocybe sulcata

  12. Hygrophorus erubescence

  13. Kuehneromyces Lignicola – False Funeral Bell

  14. Laccaria laccata – The deceiver

  15. Leccinum insigne

  16. Pleurotus populinus – Oyster mushroom

  17. Phyllotopsis nidulans – Stinky mock orange oyster

  18. Pluteus cervinus – Deer mushroom

  19. Polyporus sp

  20. Psathyrella sp

  21. Stropharia kauffmanii -Alberta Stropharia

  22. Suillus brevipes – Short stemmed suillus

  23. Trametes trogii – Bracket fungi

  24. Tremella mesenterica – Witch’s butter

  25. Trichaptum abietinum – White-Grey Cap

  26. Tricholoma spp – Fleshy white spored

  27. Tubaria sp