Date:  Saturday, May 11, 2024. 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Location: Elk Island National Park

Foray Leader(s): Martin Osis, Mel Hohn, Ryan Armishaw, Rick Watts

Attendees: 22 in the morning, 6 in the afternoon

Weather: Smoky, temperature around 20 ‘C.


Warm sunny day 16 C. Rain in the past week but still relatively dry. Warm these last few days.

Locations: Morning golf course, shoreline trail. Afternoon Simmons trail.

A bit early for spring mushrooms. Aspen only partly leafed,  and a few purple violets (at Tawayik lake). Despite an early thaw, spring looks to be a bit slow this year. 


Listed below are the names of specimens found – names may not necessarily reflect the most current scientific genus.

  • Apioperdon sp.
  • Aposporina collensii
  • Apiosporina morbosa
  • Bjerkandera adusta
  • Ceriospora amelanchiofolia
  • Daedalopsis confragrosa
  • Geastrum triplex
  • Encholia prunosa
  • Fomitopsis ochraceum
  • Fomes fomentarius
  • Ganaderma applanatum
  • Laetoporus sulphureus
  • Lycoperdon pyriforme
  • Nectria cinnabarina
  • Phellinus tremulae
  • Schizophyllum commune
  • Trametes pubescens
  • Trichaptum biforme
  • Tyromyces suaveolens