Kananaskis West Bragg Creek Forage 

Saturday, July 16, 2022 from 9:30AM – Noon

This was a ‘Free Day’ (i.e. no parking fee) and also an Alberta Parks Day

Foray was led by Barb Shworak and Christine Costello

Attendees: 51

Weather: Hot and sunny day. Precipitation had been low for the previous 2 weeks. Temperature around 25C

The area is approximately a 45 minute drive from Calgary Center.  It is in the foothills and consists of a mixed forest of mostly aspen, spruce and pine. Many attendees were first timers hoping to find and learn lots. Unfortunately, the rain had not cooperated and the pickings were slim with most specimens being old and somewhat dry.  The following specimens were found:  Cortinarius sp. (various), Gyromitra esculenta/montana (very large and old), Lactarius deliciosus group, Leccinum insigne (aspen), Lycoperdon perlatum, Panaeolus sp. (on horse dung), Polyporus badius, Pleurotus populinus. Of note were some unique, but very old specimens of what appeared to be Pseudorhizina sphaerospora, an ascomycete fungus related to false morels of the genus Gyromitra.