The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society has posted a reminder that every two years, the Parks Canada Minister must collect and receive feedback from the public regarding the National Parks in Canada. Until October 30th, 2020, letters can be sent to Parks Canada or you can provide your input online, where they will review your responses. This is a great opportunity to let them know any observations you made, and any changes or improvements you think are important. Or if they’re doing a good job at something and you want them to keep doing it, you can let them!

Fungi are critical to our ecosystem, and we can see some really fascinating ones in our National Parks. National Parks provide people with a means to appreciate and observe wonderful natural life, fungi being just one of them! The above photo features a fungi called Rhodotus palmatus, also known as the “Wrinkled Peach.” We hope everyone can get the opportunity to one day see some of these unique mushrooms themselves!

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2020 Minister’s Round Table on Parks Canada

Parks Canada

Room 244, 30 Victoria Street

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