What: Dunluce Neighborhood Foray in Dunluce Community (City of Edmonton)

When did the foray occur: July 10, 2019

Foray Length: 2 hours

Attendance: 13 people

Mushroom Species Found:

  • Agaricus silvicola
  • Clavicorona pyxidata
  • Clitocybe trunciola (small white on wood)
  • Collybia tuberosa (maybe – very small)
  • Coprinus lagopus
  •  Plicatilis Hericium (very small)
  • Inocybe fastigiata
  • Lactarius Sp?
  • Leccinum Sp? – (Red top)
  • Lepiota – 2 species
  • Mycena acicula (tiny coral colored)
  • Mycena haematopus
  • Mycena oreades (fairy ring)
  • Peziza Sp?
  • Phyllotopsis nidulans (smelly oyster)
  • Pluteus leoninus
  • Pluteus (patricius or cervinus?)
  • Polyporus varius
  • Ramaria Sp?
  • Rhodotus palmatus
  • Russula Sp? – many
  • Tyromyces Sp?

Terrain: Flat; easy walking trails

Weather Conditions: Warm with some clouds.

Additional Comments: Our foray in the city brought us to the Dunluce neighborhood on July 10, 2019, 13 people attended with the majority being new members. A quick safety moment about meet back time, weather and sign out was discussed as well Mycological Society Director (L.O) promoted the society and some upcoming events. The weather was cloudy with a threat of a possible shower however it turned out to be the ideal temperature for the foray. On our short walk to the natural area, we observe several fairy rings and Russula rings most of the mushrooms past their prime and waterlogged from the recent daily rains. Immediately upon entry of the forest, some Boletus were located along with more purple and yellow capped Russulas, a large number of big boletus (caps 5-6’’ diameter)were spotted however with the rain they were past their prime, one small Hericium Coralloides was found as well. Everyone seemed to be smiling and happy as they emerged in the small forest with baskets in hand. A large variety of mushrooms were located filling a picnic table. The Mycological Executive Secretary located her field guide and started identifying the assortment, her commentary and mushroom 101 was greatly appreciated. I busted out the frying pan and the green Coleman stove proved itself again frying up some of our finds as well as the oyster and King oysters from a grow kit I received on Father’s day. The mushroom samples were served on top of a freshly sliced baguette. In summary a great evening, plenty of mushrooms located, many positive comments about the foray and the Alberta Mycological Society. Happy Hunting! Regards, Foray Leader Rob Arthur