Call for Expression of Interest: Foray Leader(s)

Our vision is to facilitate regular camping weekends, such as the summer solstice potluck. We also
want to encourage more forays in areas outside of Edmonton, Calgary, and Red Deer.

These three areas usually have active regional coordinators who lead forays throughout the summer. One does
not need to be a regional coordinator to lead a foray, or a mushroom identification savant. Anyone can lead a
foray. On our website we have a foray host form you can fill out to host or lead a foray. We receive the form and
then assist with ensuring the foray is successful by sending out the notification email, providing the foray
kit, assisting with participant registration (if needed), and answering any questions you may have.

Leading a foray is quite simple, you ensure everyone signs in and out so no one is left behind in the woods.
Afterwards you submit a short foray report, which can just be a short paragraph with foray location, date,
number of participants, and list of what mushrooms was found/any interesting finds with a few photos.
Actually we’d be satisfied with a simple, “We went for a foray near Lac La Biche on August 1st, 2020. Five
people attended. We found lots of Hericium/Comb’s Tooth, which we look forward to eating, and a whole
bunch of other pretty mushrooms we couldn’t identify. It was a great day in the woods!” Of course we would
appreciate photo evidence of the great Hericium haul! And may even feature your foray on our website blog.

The beauty of leading or hosting a foray is that it’s a great way to learn new mushrooms. This is because at
least one person will show up who knows a mushroom you don’t. So if you want to know what edible
mushrooms grow in your local area consider leading a foray in your neighbourhood. Trying to figure out what
mushrooms grow on your rural property? Consider hosting a foray and making new friends. We respect
private property rights! Leading a foray can give one night terrors, but through leading a few forays, one can learn lots of new edibles from others. All one has to do is be friendly and welcoming as a foray leader.

Each foray season we greatly appreciate suggestions for camping and
foray locations. If you have suggestions for foray locations or camping trips, feel free
to contact us at or thorough the AMS