Foray was held on a private property, about a 45 minute drive NW of Calgary.

Date:  Sunday, June 23, 2024.  10 AM – NOON

Location: Mountain View County near Water Valley Golf Course

Foray Leader(s):  Christine Costello, Debra Golding

Attendees: 30

Weather: The weather was a mix of sun and cloud and temperatures ranged from 20°C.

Terrain: Mostly flat with mix of spruce, poplar and aspen.

The Calgary region had received some rain earlier in the week. By the foray Sunday, the ground had lost much of its moisture. The foray found a mix of mushrooms but not in great quantities.

Special mention: Many thanks to Taylor Routledge for his taxonomic skills. Also thanks to Barb Shworak for her mushroom ID skills.

Finds: Listed below are the names of specimens found. The best edible finds were one nice young cluster of oyster mushrooms and a few still fresh Agaricus spp.

  1. Agaricus spp
  2. Agrocybe praecox
  3. Clitocybe spp.
  4. Fomes fomentarius
  5. Ganoderma applanatum
  6. Gymnopus dryophilus
  7. Heliocybe sulcata
  8. Homophron spadiceum
  9. Leccinum insigne
  10. Mycena haematopus
  11. Paneolus spp
  12. Peziza repanda
  13. Phellinus tremulae
  14. Pleurotus populinus
  15. Pluteus spp.
  16. Trametes trogii